Teen Contemporary

Schedule 2023-2024

Monday 7:30-8:30 (Layla)


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A one hour class designed for teens to introduce the contemporary and lyrical style of dance. Contemporary/Lyrical is one of the most common styles as seen on dance reality TV shows and a popular request among teens. A free movement style will be encouraged while learning basic terminology and technique.


Our Classes run from September until mid June when we present our annual recitals. Registration for the dance year begins late April/early May and will continue throughout the summer months. We also offer on-going registration for new students throughout the year.  See the registration page for more information.

How to register

Details and forms on the Registration page, under the Classes tab.

Tuition and Costs

Teen Contemporary classes run September to June, tuition fees are paid 10 weeks at a time. There are typically three 10 week payments, and one final 11 or 12 week payment for a student who is enrolled from September to June. The number of weeks in the final payment will be determined by the date of the June recital. If a student enrolls part way through the year, we will calculate the number of weeks remaining in the payment cycle.

1 hour class – $15.95 + tax per week paid in installments of $183.43/10 weeks
Annual registration fee – $30.00 +tax
Annual costume rental fee – $40.00 +tax


Program Information

  • Classes will run from early September until mid-June with a break for Christmas and New Years in Dec/Jan. We hold special classes for March Break as we have found that most students are able to attend a class during this week.
  • Your first performance will be an in-class demonstration for the parents during the last class before Christmas break.
  • A recital will be held in June at which time you will perform on stage. Your costume rental fee is charged with your first payment for the costume used for recital and picture day.
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to your instructor or contact the office, we are here to help!

      Dress Code

      Dancers should wear a black bodysuit with either tan convertible tights or black leggings (boys: white or black Tshirt and black leggings) along with bare feet or half shoes. Dancers will require convertible tan tights and a bodyliner for photos and recital.