Maritime Dance Elite

Maritime Dance Elite is a young performing group made up of students in our Intensive Training Program. The dancers are accepted into the group by audition and rehearse between 1.5 and 6 hours per week in addition to their regular technique classes. The group is designed to give the dancers additional performance opportunities while exposing them to a variety of dance styles, and give them a chance to work with professional choreographers from the area. Admittance to the Maritime Dance Elite is by audition only. Students can audition for the Junior and Intermediate Elite groups when they reach ITP level 3,  and Senior Elite when they reach level 6.This energetic, enthusiastic group of dancers are available for functions and events throughout the year. Please contact the Bedford office if you are interested in having them perform at an event!

School Tour

Each year, Maritime Dance Academy’s Intensive Training Program travels to local elementary schools in HRM to perform a production of a children’s themed show suitable for young children.

This year the ITP dancers will be participating in the elementary school tours to perform their dances. Each level will do 1 day of performances.  Students are responsible for getting to the first school by 8:30 am and we will bring the students back to their own school in the afternoon if they live in the area.  If they DO NOT live in the area, a parent/guardian will need to pick them up at the last school of the day.  Each child will require money for a lunch break at McDonald’s or they may bring a packed lunch.  There will be regular dance classes at the studio on school tour days.