Maritime Dance Academy


Andree Albert of Maritime Dance Academy performing stretching exercises at the ballet bar.Our Classes run from September until mid June when we present our annual recitals. Registration for the 2015-2016 dance year begins May 23rd and will continue throughout the summer months. We also offer on-going registration for new students throughout the year.

How to register: We accept in person registration, telephone registration with Visa or Mastercard, and email registration by scanning and emailing the completed registration form including credit card information. 

2015-2016 Registration Forms and Information for Students:

Children's Program Registration Form 2015-2016
ITP Registration Form 2015-2016

Important Dates 2015-2016

Information for New Students 2015-2016
Information for Returning Students 2015-2016
Information for ITP Students 2015-2016


Tuition and Costs
Children's Program classes run September to June, tuition fees are paid 10 weeks at a time. There are typically three 10 week payments, and one final 11 or 12 week payment for a student who is enrolled from September to June. The number of weeks in the final payment will be determined by the date of the June recital. If a student enrolls partway through the year, we will calculate the number of weeks remaining in the payment cycle. 

1 hour class - $9.95+tax per week = $114.40/10 weeks
1 1/4 hour class - $12.95 +tax per week = $148.90/10 weeks
1 1/2 hour class - $13.95 +tax per week = $160.40/10 weeks
Annual registration fee - $25.00 +tax
Annual costume rental fee - $35.00 +tax for combination, contemporary and adult classes, $25.00 +tax for Hip Hop

For ITP pricing and payment details, please contact us.