Maritime Dance Academy


Our Classes run from September until mid June when we present our annual recitals. Registration for the 2015-2016 dance year begins May 23rd and will continue throughout the summer months. We also offer on-going registration for new students throughout the year.

How to register: We accept in person registration, telephone registration with Visa or Mastercard, and email registration by scanning and emailing the completed registration form including credit card information. 

2015-2016 Registration Forms
and Information for Students:

Children's Program Registration Form 2015-2016
ITP Registration Form 2015-2016

Important Dates 2015-2016

Information for New Students 2015-2016
Information for Returning Students 2015-2016
Information for ITP Students 2015-2016


Tuition and Costs
Children's Program classes run September to June, tuition fees are paid 10 weeks at a time. There are typically three 10 week payments, and one final 11 or 12 week payment for a student who is enrolled from September to June. The number of weeks in the final payment will be determined by the date of the June recital. If a student enrolls partway through the year, we will calculate the number of weeks remaining in the payment cycle. 

1 hour class - $9.95+tax per week = $114.40/10 weeks
1 1/4 hour class - $12.95 +tax per week = $148.90/10 weeks
1 1/2 hour class - $13.95 +tax per week = $160.40/10 weeks
Annual registration fee - $25.00 +tax
Annual costume rental fee - $35.00 +tax for combination, contemporary and adult classes, $25.00 +tax for Hip Hop

For ITP pricing and payment details, please contact us.